Waist Trainer

In April 2015, at age 21 Iyia founded e-commerce business Waist Trainer with $6000 in savings and within one year grew her business into a multi-million dollar global business, selling over 100,000 units of shape-wear in 18 months to over 90+ countries. Waist Trainer was sold in 2017.

WEBSITE: www.waisttrainer.co.nz

INSTAGRAM: @waisttrainer_nzaus (115k followers)

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/waisttrainerNZAUS (320k followers)

Luxe Fitness

In July 2016, Iyia founded and launched Luxe Fitness, a line of health supplements and fitness related products, and grew it into a global e-commerce business within a matter of months. Luxe Fitness was sold in 2017.

WEBSITE: https://www.luxefitness.co.nz

INSTAGRAM: @luxefitness (180k followers)

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/luxefitness (280k followers)

TVNZ Boss Babes

Iyia landed her own TV series, Boss Babes - Produced by Warner Brothers, airing on TVNZ, TV2 and HayuUK. Seasons 1 & 2 were filmed between 2018 - 2020.

Iyia Liu and Edna Swart are boss babes and best friends.

From business meetings to photoshoots and events, experience the highs and lows of life as an Instagram entrepreneur with this inseparable duo!

WATCH NOW: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/bossbabes

Public Speaking

Iyia is an insightful speaker who has spoken at events and conferences in New Zealand, Australia and Asia. Iyia aspires to help others reach their potential.
‎Iyia can speak about entrepreneurship, e-commerce, start ups, social media and influencer marketing.
Girls in Business Conferences (x10 events 2017 - 2021)
The Leap Entrepreneurship Festival (2016 - Auckland)
NZ Marketing Association (2017 - Auckland)  
NZ Online Retailers Conference (2017 - Auckland)
NZ Marketing Association (2017 - Wellington)
NZ Marketing Association (2017 - Christchurch)
Seamless Convention (2017 - Melbourne)
People’s Choice Award (2017 - Kuala Lumpur)
NZ China Trade Association (2018 - Auckland)
Unfiltered Live (2018 - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch)
Bizzy Brunch (2018 - Hawkes Bay)
Tech Week - Neish (2019 - Auckland)
AUT (2019 - Auckland)
Digital Day Out (2019 - Auckland)
University of Auckland Conference (2020 - Auckland)
Global Retail Conference (2020 - Auckland)
Global Retail Conference (2021 - Queenstown)

Celebration Box

In July 2018, Iyia founded and launched Celebration Box, an online gift boxing website which went viral. From 10-20 orders a day, to 3000 orders in the 6th week after launch, this was one of the fastest businesses Iyia had ever scaled. Celebration was sold in 2019.


WEBSITE: www.celebrationbox.co.nz

INSTAGRAM: @celebrationbox_nz

Girls in Business

Iyia founded Girls in Business late 2017.


Now with over 56,000 New Zealand & Australian members, Girls in Business is THE place to meet other like minded business women to share experiences, offer support, and seek help in growing your business empire or further your career.

Make sure you attend one of our events… We have now hosted over 3000 women at 10 conferences.


FACEBOOK GROUP: Join Now (56,000 Members)

INSTAGRAM: @girlsinbusiness_official

WEBSITE: www.girlsinbusiness.org.nz

Tidal Hair

Iyia launched Tidal into the Australasian and US markets mid 2020. With a strong launch strategy, we quickly garnered over 130,000 authentic followers on social media, and translated them into ongoing and increasing sales.


INSTAGRAM: @tidalhair (130,000 followers)

WEBSITE: www.tidalhair.com