Business isn't growing? web visitors aren't converting? Your marketing techniques aren't working? whatever it is, Come and spend some time with Iyia in a personalized consulting session.

Iyia will analyse your business, look at the actions that you are taking and give you advice and guidance on any actions she believes would help to generate increased growth and turnover on an ongoing basis to take your business to the next level.

Iyia's areas of expertise

  • Creating a brand from scratch

  • Rapid brand development and growth

  • Social media + influencer marketing

  • E-commerce website/online stores

Potential Topic your consulting session can cover:

  • Analysis of your aspiring business

  • Analysis of your current business strategy

  • Go over any pitfalls

  • Advice on any changes and improvements to be made

  • Go over marketing techniques and strategy

  • Put together a growth strategy focusing on digital marketing

  • Ideas and guidance on what to do next


PRICING options:

1 Hour Phone Call Consult/Chat: $195NZD

(or can be split into x2 30 minute sessions)

Go over anything business or social media related with Iyia