How to Keep Customers Happy in Our Crazy-Busy World

We live in a world continually focused on being more productive and efficient, but when you have a business to run, customer satisfaction needs to remain a priority as well.  Once you’ve got your business off the ground, which includes putting your plan into action and making sure you’re properly registered with the state, you can then focus on perhaps the most important element: your customers.  Here are some ideas for keeping customers happy in our hurried world. 


The Weight Of Customer Opinion

It’s upsetting when customers are unhappy, but the reality is, an angry customer can do more than ruin your day.  In fact, Forbes notes poor customer experiences cost businesses over $75 billion per year.  While a positive experience can generate loyalty and increased sales, dropping the ball on your busy customers can end up costing you future business.  Some of the reasons customers become unhappy include feeling unappreciated, unhelpful or rude assistance, and an inability to get information about products and services. 


Be There For Them

Staying open 24/7 isn’t an option for most brick-and-mortar establishments, but thanks to the internet, you can be there for your customers night and day.  With that in mind, make it a point to not only build a great website, but also have top-notch web hosting so you know customers have a reliable shopping experience.  For instance, GoDaddy is not only well-known, it sets standards for website hosting.  They make it easy for customers to connect by ensuring your business is found in local searches, providing SEO, and helping with social media marketing.  It’s a chance to better connect with customers on all fronts, thanks to their comprehensive, one-stop shopping packages. 


Keep Them In The Loop

Just like your customers appreciate the convenience of an online shopping experience, they also appreciate an online research experience.  With that in mind, ensure your social media posts, blog articles, and emails offer useful content.  It’s a chance to not only tell them about new products and services, but also advertises your company’s awards, seminars your team attends, and changes you are making.  By keeping them informed, they have every reason to keep coming back for more.  No time for all that?  Thankfully, there are numerous marketing tools available to streamline your efforts.


Respond To Customers Quickly

Whether your busy customers are hoping to place an order or make a complaint, the last thing they want to do is spend time waiting for you to respond.  With that in mind, choose effective customer service tools, such as live chat and email assistance.  If you offer a phone line to your customers, a well-chosen service can make or break customers’ experiences.  It’s a chance to do things like have those calls forwarded to you during specific hours, receive texts from your website, or have multiple phones ring in an effort to reach you. 


Coach Your Team

They say the strongest chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so ensuring your staff is capable of meeting your customers’ needs, and doing so in a pleasing manner, is crucial.  With that in mind, Chron suggests not only training your employees toward great customer service, but tailoring that training to each team member’s role.  By honing in on suitable skills, you ensure the best possible experience with the least chance for problems. 

Everyone is busier than ever these days, and it can make it feel challenging to keep customers happy.  However, there are ample opportunities and tools available to help.  Providing a great customer experience is still possible, even in this crazy-busy world. 


Guest Contributor: Chelsea Lamb (Business Pop)