How To Build A Trustworthy Online Store

Making sure your website seems trustworthy is essential for customer conversion. 

1. Your Homepage

Your homepage is a vital location for building customer trust so you need to ace the first impression. You've done the hard work of getting your potential customer there, now can you keep them on site? Here's a checklist to go through:

  • Is your website easy to navigate, and can your potential customer easily find what they are looking for?
  • What about the overall store layout and design? Is it appealing to your target audience?
  • Is the content clear, and easy to understand? 
  • Are the pages fast-loading, with no errors?
  • Have you had someone else check your site for you? Maybe they can pick up on functionality issues or errors that you haven't spotted.

Your website homepage is your digital welcome mat. 


2. Your Product Pages

After the homepage, a potential customer typically heads to your product page. The customer will be asking themselves, "Does this product solve my problem?" "Do I want it? Do I need it?" "Is the price fair?" "What are the delivery costs and timeframes?"

Here's another checklist to go through:

  • Is product information easy to discover? Does the content provided answer any question the consumer potentially could have?
  • Are there a variety of product photos?


3. Easy Customer Support Options

Your potential customer will want to know what if anything goes wrong, and they need to get in touch with you, that they can easily reach you. Help them feel like you can provide great after sales service and support.

  • An easy to find 'Contact Us' page
  • Professional email e.g.
  • Online chat option if you can do so
  • A phone number
  • A returns policy


4. Show Customer Testimonials

Your potential customer will want to see reviews and other peoples experiences with your company. 

  • Show Social Proof
  • Show Feedback
  • Build up your Social Media Channels to build relationships with your audience


Consumer trust is often forgotten about by businesses, especially new businesses. You could have the best product on earth, but if you can not provide a trustworthy platform to sell it on, you will have trouble converting.