Interview: Josef Rakich

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Josef Rakich, I am 28 years old. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and have lived here my whole life, but my parents are from Croatia. My day job is an online fitness trainer and I help people from all around the world reach their fitness goals through my personalized meal plans & workout programs which are all updated monthly and all accessable via my mobile app. I also have a software company called MacroActive where I create apps and websites for other people who wish to run their own online fitness business where they can offer personalized meal plans & workout programs as I do. As well as that I have my own supplement line called JRF Supplements and my own clothing line called Rakich Supply Co.

How old were you when you started your business? Can you explain how it started?

I got into business around the age of 19 I guess. It started off as just me doing what I loved which was lifting weights. I would lift weights because it was my hobby and I noticed my physique start to change and then I achieved a somewhat decent transformation so I started posting up my own photos online on various different bodybuilding forums, from there people use to message me and ask me for advice with diet and training so I would help them. Then it got to the point where so many people where coming to me for diets and workout programs I thought this is a service that I could set up and help even more people from around the world. So I created a website and then started building my brand and trying to get my name out their through social media.

What motivates/drives you? Who inspires you?

I am motivated by progress, whenever I see progress in any area of my life it motives me even more to continue doing what I do and continue progressing as I find that is my high. I also get motivated from all the support I get around the world on social media and all of my clients achieving amazing results. This just motivates me to put in even more work with my own training in the gym and my business to take it to a whole new level so I can branch out even more and help as many people as I can worldwide. There are many people who I look up to which I draw inspiration from myself. Greg Plitt and Arnold are 2 big icons who inspire me in the gym. The Rock inspires me for his insane work ethic as it is literally second to non and then Elon Musk inspires me for his "anything is possible" mindset.

Highlights of your career and life so far?

Highlights of my life so far is the whole entire journey. Having helped over 100,000 clients from around the world transform their physique and life. I have loved every second of it because I am doing exactly what I love and what I am passionate about. I have made so many amazing friends along the way as well and I could not ask for anything more than that, building strong and solid relationships with like minded people.

Main goals going forwards? Life goal?

My main goals from here is #1 do what makes me happy and enjoy what I do. After that continue growing my business Josef Rakich Fitness and expand as much as I can. I want to reach the same level as success as Weight Watchers have on a global scale and I know I will get there if I continue putting in the work on a daily basis. I have a goal of helping over 1,000,000 clients and then 10,000,000 million after that. 

What do you wish you knew before you started your business?

Nothing. It has all been a good learning process to me and I guess sometimes it is best to learn things the hard way. There is not one thing I would change or do differently. I believe everything happens for a reason and if you do what you love and are passionate about you will do well.

What advice would you give to others wanting to start their own business?

Do what you love and what you enjoy. Go after the job/career that you would do regardless of the money. Do not go after the job/career that pays the most if you do not enjoy it. This is the worst mistake 99% of people make. They end up going for the jobs that pay the most. Not the jobs that they actually enjoy. Happiness is far more important than money. You must love your craft this is the only way to truely do well in anything. Because life and business is hard, and if you are not passionate about what you do then you will get stuck and give up on every obstacle that you come across, but if you are passionate then you will find a solution no matter what.

Top 5 tips for growing a social media account?

1) Post stuff that offers value. if you continue to provide good content that has value you will encourage people to follow you because they get something in return.

2) Be consistent with your social media, post often because this gets recognised in the algorithm. 

3) Do not spam or post pointless stuff, lots of ads promotion things with coupon codes is the fastest way to get people to unfollow.

4) Always try to get engagement happening. The more people who like and comment (engage) with your posts the more the social media platform (Instagram/Facebook) recognises this is "good content" therefore your posts reach more people.

5) Don't over think things, just post what you are about. Be yourself and don't try to be someone your not. Realness shows.


Instagram: @josefrakich


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