Have you wondered why your organic reach on your Facebook accounts has quickly dropped or why no one is seeing your posts? 

One word… ALGORITHM! What’s an algorithm?

The algorithm for social media determines which posts get seen and shown to people. Use correctly, the algorithm will help your account grow. Used incorrectly, no one will ever see anything that you post.

So how is the algorithm determined? 

This is always changing, but there are a few constant factors.

1) Engagement
2) Relevancy
3) Attention

Remember, the goal of social media platforms is to get people there and keep them there, and they do this by showing people what they want to see. 

So we need to focus on Engagement. 

Engagement is based on interaction. On Facebook and Instagram, engagement is measured by comments, likes, and shares. On Twitter engagement is measured by likes, retweets, and responses and Pinterest it’s re-pins. 

Regardless of the platform, the more interaction your post gets, the more it will be shown to other people, because the platform thinks it’s something that people want to see.

But how do you get people to engage?

To sum it up: VALUE, always think value – is what your posting engaging? entertaining? motivating? original? Step back from thinking like a marketer, and think like a user – what do YOU engage in on social media platforms? Work backwards. This will take some trial and error until you get the feel for what your audience wants to see.

Now, the second thing we need to focus on is Relevancy. 

Algorithms track the way that we behave online. They remember what we find engaging, what videos we are watching, what kind of posts we are clicking on. For example, if I watched some videos on cooking, they will show me another related cooking video, because it thinks that what I want to see. Or if I tag my friends in some memes, they’ll show me more related memes that I may tag more friends in.

So – if someone likes, comments or shares one of your posts, Facebook or Instagram will be more inclined to show them another one of your posts in the hopes that they like that too.

Why? Because their behaviour indicated that your account was relevant to them. 

Finally, we need to focus on Attention.

The algorithm will favour photos, videos, updates that get lots of attention. What grabs the attention of your your followers?

Do you notice that the posts with the highest amounts of engagement on your own personal Facebook feed are engagement announcements, weddings, people buying their first house, the birth of a child – events that don’t come around too often, or are hard to achieve.

What’s going to grab attention on your businesses page? What is happening in the world that is grabbing attention? post about it.

Iyia Liu