This article could potentially help save you a few thousand dollars. 


It’s definitely a good idea to collaborate with some influencers to help your business grow. But picking the wrong influencers can be sad, stressful and frustrating.

Influencers are easy enough to find. 

1) Simply scroll the Instagram home page and see if any catch your eye
2) Reach out to your target audience, and ask them who their favourite influencers are
3) Visit another brand who uses influencer marketing, and see who they are using
4) Are there any reality TV shows on in your target market’s country at the moment? What about local celebs? Who is interesting at the moment? Check out their Instagram’s for their engagement

Now the hard part is choosing the right ones.

One of my earliest mistakes was working with an influencer that was not aligned with our brand. This was when I was just starting out, and just getting into influencer marketing. I picked an influencer who I thought would sell my product well. I personally really liked, and still like, this influencer, plus she made the product look good, and took great photos. 

She was paid $700 to do an Instagram promotion for us, which was a lot of money for me back then.

I was so excited knowing she was just about to post, and when she did, I couldn’t contain my excitement for all the sales that were about to roll in. 15, 20, 30 minutes passed – nothing. 2 hours, 3 hours – still nothing.

Did something go wrong? Did she forget to tag us? Is my website down?

Nope – nothing was wrong. I couldn’t figure it out at the time. The next day, I discussed with my staff, and we decided to take another look through her Instagram account, and we did what I like to call an influencer analysis.

Is she a reflection of our target market? Yes, possibly.
Has she made the product look it’s best? Yes.
Is her following authentic? Yes, she’s been on TV, and gets high engagement and comments from real people.
Does her audience’s demographics match our target market? ……..

Ok, so we figured it out.

Her Instagram feed was filled with butt selfies and pictures of her in little bikinis, which is not the reason why I follow her – I used to watch her on TV, but it’s probably the reason she had an almost all male audience.

Now this was a waste of $700 for me, which could have been better spent on a return ticket to Bali, but also a learning curve.

Since then I have worked with a range of influencers – micro influencers, macro influencers, celebrities, paid and unpaid. The best results have always come from influencers who genuinely love and use your products, and you are working with on an ongoing basis. NOT the influencers that bounce between any brand that will pay them.

Once the influencer has done their promotion for you, how do you know if it worked or not?

To track sales, you can give the influencer a unique discount code to share with their followers, so you can track exactly how many people are purchasing from their posts.

But sales are not the only benefit of using influencers, the main benefit, I believe, is brand awareness.

How strong is your branding in their photo? How many of their followers saw that photo and took notice of your branding? How many people went onto your page after seeing that photo? How many people will now remember your brand name, either subconsciously or consciously – you are building trust.

Key things to remember: If you are not seeing immediate sales, RELAX. People don’t buy until they trust and know your brand, studies show that it can take up to 7 exposures to a brand before a customer makes their first move. Also, Don’t be afraid to ask the influencer for a screenshot of their Instagram page demographics.

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Iyia Liu