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Waist Trainer


In April 2015, at age 21 Iyia founded e-commerce business Waist Trainer with $6000 in savings and within one year grew her business into a multi-million dollar global business, selling to over 90+ countries.

WEBSITE: www.waisttrainer.co.nz

INSTAGRAM: @waisttrainer_nzaus (115k followers)

FB: www.facebook.com/waisttrainerNZAUS (320k followers)

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luxe fitness

In July 2016, Iyia founded and launched Luxe Fitness, a line of health supplements and fitness related products, and grew it into a global e-commerce business within a matter of months.

WEBSITE: www.luxefitness.com

INSTAGRAM: @luxefitness

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/luxefitness


Bambi Boutique

In December 2017, Iyia founded and launched Bambi Boutique, a womens online clothing retailer, and used her strategies to grow her social following from 0 to a combined 250,000 followers within the first month, then using that social following to generate consistent sales organically.

WEBSITE: www.bambi.co.nz

INSTAGRAM: @bambi_boutique

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/bambiNZAU

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celebration box

In July 2018, Iyia founded and launched Celebration Box, an online gift boxing website. With only a $4000 initial investment but a lot of experience, generated 10,000 sales in the first 3 and a half months, using social media platforms to consistently generate sales organically.

WEBSITE: www.celebrationbox.co.nz

INSTAGRAM: @celebrationbox_nz